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 A stranger.

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PostSubject: A stranger.   Sat Mar 05, 2011 2:36 am

The other day, i was walking around at about one in the morning. Now, i know what your thinking, that i'm insane. Well, i had planned on getting to it sooner, but i got caught up in a conversation with a person, right as i was about to leave the website.

So my walk starts off fine, but i get this feeling that something's going to go wrong, so i bring my knife with me. What i like to do when i walk is clear out my head and put some new thoughts into it. Kinda like throwing things into the garbage bin and starting over from scratch. So while i was on my walk, i was not the only person out. There was this older gentleman out for a stroll. Now when i say older, i mean he's about 40. he was walking from one direction, and i was walking from another, and we met at an intersection.

I didn't think much of him, but he was rather curious about me. He stopped me by saying "aren't you a bit young to be out this late?" Annoyed, i turned to him, and said: "Just because i'm short, doesn't mean i'm not an adult." At this point i realize he's not a lot taller than me, but he presented himself taller than he was. He looked at me and said "I meant no insult, i was only trying to lighten the mood." I was a little puzzled, and replied "what do you mean, lighten the mood?" He told me "As you were walking towards the intersection, i saw you with your head down, and it seemed like you were muttering to yourself." I was caught off guard by his observation, and asked "you have remarkable eye sight, but what makes you think i was in a bad mood?" He smiles and explained to me about body language. I don't remember exactly what he told me about that.

He then offered that we walk and talk, but i'm a bit weary of his intentions, although if he was going to beat me to a pulp and take my money, he would have done so already. Besides, i have my knife on me, i thought i'd be fine, so i agree. At this point, he tells me all about languages, and how wonderful they are. That there are thousands of languages, considering there are languages within languages. I told him i secretly wished i knew every single language in the world.

He told me he knew i did.

Amazed i look at him, and he says to me: "Right now, everyone you know is asleep, or indoors about to go to sleep. I know this. I also know about your job, hobbies, and your knife." I ran. I ran as fast as i could and didn't look back. I didn't hear any foot steps, and i looked back, and he was gone. i looked ahead of me, and he wasn't there, i looked all around, nowhere, and i even looked up because no one looks up, and he wasn't there.

I continued my walk, taking the quickest way home, but i didn't want to go back the way i came. I got on my street and quickened my pace, i was crossing the last street when i saw something out of the corner of my eye, i turned to look, and it was him, standing in the middle of the street. I only saw his silhouette, but he just stood there, so i ran, to my house and got inside, locked the door and got in my room, locked that door and tried to calm down. A few minutes later, i heard a noise outside, but i rationalized that it was the feral cats out there, i didn't want to think he was here. The noises eventually stopped, and i started to fall asleep. That's when i heard him say "Никогда не отдам тебя, никогда не позволю тебе вниз, никогда не буду бегать и пустыни вас!"

I somehow knew Russian, and exactly what he said. I sat right up and turned on my light, and he was gone. From that moment on, I keep the lights on at night, no matter what.
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A stranger.
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