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 Greentext your last week or two

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PostSubject: Greentext your last week or two   Mon May 02, 2011 7:28 pm

One hell of a two week adventure into myself.

>find out gf has lied to me and dating someone else even thought we took break cuz she was too busy to be in relationship and we would start back up once she finished high school.
>go to sakuracon, let loose get digits, whore myself to great success
>feel very free and good, new confidence
>she bullshits and stuff, i show up at her door to get my stuff back
>wont look me in eye, wont come outside or give me my stuff
>next night find out shes actually been with this dude whole time shes been dating me, cheating and playing us off each other. neither of us knew about the other. and shes bullshitting to my friend about me.
>punch storm door, swells up and hurts like i sprained it
>get loaded with friends and talk shit out
>wake up not even hung over and walk drunk friend back to my house
>go to school
>get hand checked today
>broken, outer knuckle L shapes into my hand and is full break
>going to see specialist to see if i need surgery
>gonna have to get a cast, cant write anymore, can barely type
>in mean time since me and gf feel through have pursued this wonderful girl in my kickboxing class
>taking it slow shes great and she treats me waaaay better than ex gf ever did. we click really well.

everything i have been doing lately has been out of my zone and its working. i feel like a man man. unfriended now ex gf on facebook last night and shaved. girl im talking to likes my new look and we have been texting and talking over phone when not in class together.

feels fucking good men. now that me and that girl are over i can sleep now. and instead of losing 5 pounds a week from not eating my appetite has returned. i feel so good. getting my shit back thursday gonna show up at ex's house before she gets there and get my closure, and my stuff. then a whole new chapter begins in this neckbeard's life...

last 15 months with that girl are not weighing me down anymore.
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Greentext your last week or two
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